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From events to sports photography, from university to the corporate word an image is worth a thousand words.


What Will You Do After The Course

  • Skillfully use and quickly configure your camera, consciously controlling the shooting process, rather than relying on the "auto" mode
  • Choose a spectacular angle and composition in the frame
  • Shoot real "live" portraits
  • Give depth and artistry to pictures
  • See the light and control the light
  • Beautifully take pictures under any weather and lighting conditions
  • Take emotional pictures at home, traveling and at events
  • Work correctly with the model
  • Choose the right lenses and other photo equipment
  • Process photos in Adobe Photoshop

Classes We Have


Course Description: This is a comprehensive examination of practically everything a photographer needs to know to begin shooting with purpose. Who should take this: Everyone. This class is also for people who have no knowledge of photography, so beginners should feel welcome.

Studio Lighting

Course Description: This course teaches photographic strategy within the use of strobes, lighting accessories, advanced metering strategies, portrait lighting, and how to combine artificial flash with existing ambient light. Who should take this: Students wanting to develop an expert level of control over commercial portraits, fashion photography, interiors, and product photography, as well as any artists and hobbyists who wish to expand their knowledge of how light can be changed in the objective.

Editorial Photography

Course Description: This course is expert-level construction of visual narrative. Who should take this: Students who want to shoot documentary photography, photojournalism, magazine photography, or wedding photography at a professional high level.

Digital Photography Tips

Light is king!

Light is all you need. Light always gives your photograph a natural look. Whenever anyone asks me that how to take good pictures? I say only one thing, utilize the light. If you want to take a sharp image with bright colors and natural look then increase the amount of light over the scene and just wait for the magic after taking the photo.

Use lens filters

There are lots of lens filters available in the market that instantly increases the beauty and attractiveness of a photograph. This happens because these filters increase the highlights and contrast of the scene you’re shooting. It also gives them a different soft look. Filters are generally made for photographers who concentrate on taking landscape, nature or wildlife type of photographs. It increases the elegance of the scene.

Backgrounds are important

Background determines the professionalism of the person behind the lens. It shows how the photographer has actually portrayed its subject. It shows the quality of the photograph. Not all the background is suitable for all types of subject. Like an advertisement photograph has a different and energetic background than a portrait or head shot.

Perspective and angle

Every photographer has his own perspective on the world’s view. But not all types of perspective get adored by the audiences. It needs to be different and attractive in order to satisfy human eyes. Therefore, don’t take photos from the horizontal or vertical angles, change your perspective and take from other different angles to make them look stunning.

About us

Megan Allen photographer, teacher, and a team lead at Birdy's Nest photo school
We are a friendly team that insanely loves their job and wants to create, share knowledge and skills and just give a good mood to everyone who loves taking pictures! Hurry up to join Birdy's Nest and build your career as a professional photographer.

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